I Uplifted a Black Man 

They say

We as Black Women

Should uplift a Black Man

In every way

For they are becoming

More endangered everyday

This is true

But, my Black Queens

What does this mean for me and you?

It means

Treat him like a king

Praise him

Even for the simplest things

Its okay if he bends your crown

For it's your duty

To hold him down

If he is to blame for the blood on your shirt

Remember its not his fault

For he's so terribly stressed about work

If he cheats

Turn the other cheek

For it was you

Who told him no last week

If he has a rough past

For the pain he causes

he gets a pass

After all he is a Black Man

and is always chosen last

He may permanently scar your heart and mind

and may apologize

Either way, continue to uplift him

For you will be fine

Love him

Even when the love is not returned

Feed him with your heart earned cash

Even if he thanks you by throwing you like trash

Give and give all you can

All that matters is

You uplifted a Black Man


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© 2020 by Hyllary Bell

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